I am a French photographer based in Paris. In 2015, I graduated from Sorbonne Nouvelle with a degree in film and drama studies. In 2017, I graduated from Spéos Paris London Photography School.

   I like to give my composions a naturalistic dimension, sometimes absurd and very written. Some Painters like Klimt, Edward Hopper and Vermeer are the sources of inspiration in my use of color, light and staging. My previous academic studies in the fields of cinema and theater help me to give a narrative structure to my images.                 

   My personal work Lighthouse shows the place of Man and cultures in contemporary society. I am interested in the great variability of forms of social life and cultures and I want to highlight the banality and question the idea of he "beautiful". I like to introduce myself in the environment of the model and thus create a certain intimacy with the latter.

tel :   +33615039714

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Selected Exhibitions

2017  "Lighthouse" at the Café de la Presse, (Paris FRANCE)

2016 March-April, for Ultima Chamada Company " Cadres Noirs" at Girandole theater, (Montreuil, FRANCE)